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Almahdi Center arranged five days Majalis Aza

Five days Majalis Aza was held from 6 November 2016 to 10 November 2016 in at Almahdi Center jamshoro some religious scholars addressed in program as per following scedule. The first Majlis was hel Read More..

عشرہ محرم الحرام 1438 سندھ بھر میں حسینی سفیروں کے خطابات

سفیران حسین پروگرام اصغریہ۔۔پاکستان کی جانب سے امسال سندھ بھر میں درج ذیل علما کرام اور حسینی سفیروں نے خطابات کیئے سید ساجد کاظمی - (ہالہ نواب شاہ) استاد اخلاق احمد اخلاق - (پنوں عاقل اور خاصو) مولان Read More..

Two days leadership seminar

Asgharia Organization Pakistan arranged two days leadership seminar on 1st and 2nd October 2016, at Jamshoro following lecturers gave lectures. 1. Mohsen Milat Allama Hyder Ali Jawadi. 2. Ustad Akh Read More..

Pegham e Ghader Conference

Pegham Ghadeer conference was held on 29 September 2016 at Ahalalbait Public School Ranipur by Asgharia Organization Pakistan Shuba Khawateen speakers were Fazal Hussain Asghari central president, Mua Read More..

عشره مجالس عزامحرم الحرام1438هه

اصغريه.....پاڪستان طرفان سنڌ اندر هيٺيان حسيني سفير عشره محرم الحرام جي مجالس کي خطاب ڪندا. خطيب بمقام دانشور معظم سيد ساجد ڪاظمي صاحب هالا ۽ نواب شاهه اصلاح پسند دانشمند استاد اخلاق احمد اخلاق ص Read More..

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Bagram blast: Bomber kills Americans at Afghan base

A suicide bomber has killed four Americans inside Bagram airbase, the largest US military facility in Afghanistan. US Defence Secretary Ash Carter said two members of the armed services and two contr Read More..

Activist: Saudi adventures serve British interest

In an exclusive interview with IRNA in London, the British activist said Britain regards Saudi regime as being its interest no matter what its record is, no matter the atrocities it has committed at h Read More..

Analysis: Strategies to end Syria’s crisis

AhlulBayt News Agency) - The crisis in Syria is proving complex even to countries such as the US which had reckoned the ouster of President Bashar Assad would be easy and fast. The latest ceasefire Read More..

A Glance at the Life of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH)

Among all the Prophets, the Holy Prophet is the only Prophet about whose life even ordinary matters have been recorded in history and this is a great accomplishment of the Muslim nation because the bi Read More..

World's Biggest Pilgrimage Now Underway, And Why You've Never Heard of it!
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It's not the Muslim Hajj, or the Hindu Kumbh Mela.. Known as Arbaeen, it is the world's most populous gathering and you've probably never heard of it! Not only does the congregation exceed the number Read More..

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An explosion at a remote Sufi Muslim shrine in the Pakistani region of Balochistan has killed 52 people and injured more than 100, officials say.

Emergency services struggled to reach the Shah Noorani shrine in Kuzdar. Worshippers were performing dhamal - a trance-like dance - when the bomb hit. So-called Islamic State says one of its suicide Read More..

Kashmiri Shia Muslims held impressive procession on 7th Muharram

An impressive procession was taken out in Kashmir on Saturday by Shia Muslims on the occasion of seventh Muharram. The procession started from the residence of Late Syed Mazhar Ali Shah under the b Read More..

India leads pull-out from summit hosted by Pakistan

A South Asian summit due to be held in Pakistan may be called off after India and three other countries pulled out amid tensions over Kashmir. India said on Tuesday that the environment was "not cond Read More..

Pakistan Federal minister accuses Saudi govt of destabilising Muslim world

SLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Inter-provincial Coordination (IPC) Riaz Hussain Pirzada has accused the Saudi government of creating instability across the Muslim world, including Pakistan, through di Read More..

Pakistan: Bomb blast at Shiite mosque celebrating Prophet Muhammad Birthday, 8 martyred, 16 injured

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan - A powerful blast rattled an imambargah (Shiite religious place) in a densely populated area of Rawalpindi on Friday, killing at least eight Shiite people and injuring at least 1 Read More..

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Important analysis of Iran's Supreme Leader before U.S. Presidential Election: 'Trump' or 'Clinton'

The following is the speech delivered on November 2, 2016 by Ayatollah Khamenei, the conscious Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in a meeting with thousands of university and secondary school Read More..

Nigerian security forces attack peaceful Ashura procession in Jos, Sheikh Tsoho is alive

Here in Jos, since on last Tuesday; the Military occupied all nook and cranny of Jos fully armed and ready to shoot. With all that, Mourners marched yesterday Wednesday around 10 am. The procession fo Read More..

Nigerian government given 7-day ultimatum to release Shia cleric Sheikh Zakzaky

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - A group in Nigeria has renewed its demand for the unconditional release of prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky from detention. The group, Save Zakzaky’s Life, is Read More..

Saudi King Abdullah dies, new ruler is Salman

An announcement, made by state TV early on Friday, also said that his 79-year-old half brother, Salman, has succeeded him. "His Highness Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and all members of the family a Read More..

Tehran's Friday Prayers Leader warns against trial of Sheikh Salman

Ayatollah Kazem Sediqi made the remarks in the second sermon of Tehran's Friday Prayers. He added Bahrain government is ignoring its nation's legitimate, legal, and natural human rights, who want Read More..

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